About the Author

My name is Bernadette FitzGerald.

I am an Australian born teacher living and working in Guangzhou, China. I have been a Primary Educator for 18years. The majority of my teaching time was spent on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, where I taught a range of age-groups from Prep to Grade 4 in a Private Independent School.

In August, 2014 my family (husband and 2 children) and myself moved to Guangzhou to work in an international school. We continue to live and work here, and spend our time immersing ourselves in the culture of China, and also travelling to other destinations. We really enjoy learning about other places and cultures.

I am now embarking on a slight career change…moving into the realm of the Library and to do that effectively I am commencing  further studies to complete my Masters of Librarianship. This is the start of my journey.


FitzGerald, R.D. (2016) Original Image


Header Image, taken at Fortaleza de Sagres: FitzGerald, B. (2016)



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