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So I am far from an “Expert” researcher. Google is my friend, but to be totally honest Google Scholar, A+Education, and ProQuest Education feel like a maze that I am about to feel my way through. I have dabbled with Twitter and have educational/library feeds on Facebook that I follow and read with interest. I am working my way into becoming more savvy in the world of re-search.

After spending a week exploring I am really excited about the new tools I have been exposed to whilst viewing many information websites. I have watched each “little pathway of blue”, and become more in awe and excited about the prospect of trying out Boolean Operators; define: ; wildcards; brackets; synonyms etc. I then enjoyed exploring – “playing” with my inquiry questions and seeing quite quickly that my original Google searches were giving me less of what I was REALLY looking for. And I have already learned how to get to “what I am REALLY looking for” in a more efficient manner.

It is time now to really get into the re-search process. To become an “expert” searcher, and utilise these new tools. To find out more about Inquiry and hopefully come across information that I haven’t known or considered before. (I also have a plan to be proficient enough at this so that next May when the older students in elementary come through the library doors, searching for information for their exhibition topics, I will be able to guide them in some time efficient, quality information searching techniques.)

So after exploring all the link pages and learning some really cool things I decided to make a mindmap of the key words I could think of from my initial questions.

inquiry mindmap 1.jpg

FitzGerald, B. (2016) Created using

These will help guide my re-search. After some initial exploration, I can already see that I am going to have some interesting results, leading to further questions.

Let the searching begin………..


Google Scholar

A+ Education

ProQuest Education

Social Media






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