What is the Librarian’s Role in the Inquiry Classroom?

Inquiry Learning – The Librarian’s Role



FitzGerald, B. (2016) – Porto Bookshop, Portugal.

It’s now time in the journey to show off what has been found in the searching process. I have chosen to explore eLink for this Curation Collection as it is something I haven’t used before. It was another learning process, however a journey always has new challenges and bumps in the road along the way. From my explorations of Google, Google Scholar, A+ Education, ProQuest and Social Media, I found many academic articles, research papers, blog posts, Ted Talks and quotes that have resonated with me and my inquiry journey. I have put together this curation collection of the ten articles I wish to share with a wider audience of the pieces I found which relate to my question :

What is the Librarian’s role in the Inquiry Classroom?

Please note: When using eLink that the “continue>>” at the bottom of the picture takes you to the actual article. I hope you enjoy what I have found.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 6.40.35 pm


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